Car Glass Repair

You are at a highway or at any remote road which is not maintained well and suddenly a small stone or a flower bud smash at your car windshield. You suddenly noticed a small crack or chip in your car windshield that came from nowhere. It must have been a hypervelocity railgun pellet fired at you by an Imperial Stormtrooper, because you didn't see it coming or going. And as your heartbeat returns to normal, the awful truth soaks in: You're going to have to have the windshield replaced. This means dealing with the glass shop, being without your car for a day or two, having a potentially leaky windshield and, worst of all, higher insurance premiums.

car glass repair diagram

Before you panic, take a deep breath and think. Not all the car windshield cracks and chip are large enough to replace a windshield. So inspect your car glass crack or call Auto Glass Masters ™ to inspect your car glass. It just might be possible to repair the chip instead of replacing the glass. At Auto Glass Masters ™ we use Espirit Car Glass Repair Solutions to repair all types of cracks and chip in your car glass. We have succesfsully repaired car glasses for high end cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche etc. It is always our priorty to get your car glass repaired instead of going for a replacement. It always saves your hard earned money as well as your precious time.

If you go for a car glass repair, it is always safe. A repaired Car Glass is as good as the new car glass if it is been repaired by an expert using good quality repair kit. That's why at Auto Glass Masters ™ we recommend use of Espirit Car Glass Repair Kit.

Even if your car glass chip is not large enough or don't come directly in your line of Sight, it is always a good idea to get it repaired before the chip increase and water finds a way through the chip into your car glass lamination eventually membrane will fog, causing a large blemish.