Automotive Adhesive

Adhesives are very import part of car glass replacement as your glass will be as strong as your adhesive, bonding the glass with your car frame. Auto Glass Masters ™ uses world renounsed Automtoive Adhesives for car glass replacement. As per our standards procedures we use only OEM recommended automotive sealents so that you can be assure of our quality of work and your safety. The Safe Drive-Away Time(SDAT) depends on the quality of adhesives used during auto glass replacement. If during replacement a low quality adhesive is used the bonding between the glass and car body will not be proper, low quality adhesives also degrade your car body through chemical reactions, so at Auto Glass Masters ™ we only recommend high quality Auomotive adhesives only.

Automotive Adhesive we use and SDAT :

1. Betaseal - SDAT 2 hrs.
2. Sikaflex ® - SDAT 30 minutes with primer application
3. SikaTITAN ® - SDAT 2 hrs.


1.Excellent performance on automotive glass and ceramic substrates
2.Compatible with the most advanced automotive paint technologies
3.Primerless-to-paint systems technology
4.Technology for safe drive-away times (SDAT) of 2 hrs or less, even with cars with twin airbags
5.High- and medium-viscosity products available
6.High performance to the toughest OEM durability specifications, crash-test proven
7.Leading, proven technology specified by OEMs worldwide
8.Ensures OEM-approved quality for the aftermarket