Car Glass Scratch Removal

If you have wiper scratches, a graffitti scratch on your windshield, side glasses or heated rear windshield scratches caused by faulty windshield wiper blades, accidents or vandalism, then Auto Glass Masters ™ can fix it using the windshield scratch removal process.

This is how to remove scratches from Windshield

Windshield Scratch Removal

The following process is carried out to repair a scratch:
1. To start the area that is damaged is inspected and assessed carefully for the best method of treatment. Sometimes it can just be polished but on deeper damage it may have to be ground out first. The work area will also be marked and cleaned.
2. The scratch is removed from the windshield by a specially controlled grinding process.
3. Then the ground area is carefully repolished to a finer grade of surface finish to restore most of the optical clarity.
4. Finally, specialist polish is used to remove all traces of grinding.
5. The result is glass in "as-good-as-new condition."

Auto Glass Masters ™ can clear up most of your scratch problems because we really know how to remove scratches on glass it doesn't matter what make, model or year your vehicle is. Nor does it matter if it is tinted, laminated or toughened glass - Auto Glass Masters ™ can repair it! The Scratch Removal Process keeps the vehicle ORIGINAL and can also save you money and prevent devaluation of your vehicle due to scratches.